5 Important Time Saving Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

Running a small business can prove to be lucrative, but requires a lot of hard work and time. As the small businesses have to face stiff competition from established companies, their owners have to spend most of their time on the business processes. The small business owners are unable to find time for vacations, social gatherings, and hobbies. But still, most of the small business owners seem to be satisfied with the occupation. Though most of the small business owners are looking for new ingenious ways to save their time! 

Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

Accounting is one of the processes which involve a lot of time and energy. Below mentioned are some important tips which can help in saving time on accounting functions:

  1. Regularly updating the records – Generally, owners are not specialized in accountancy. Mostly small scale companies don’t use the services of in-house accountants. For cost-cutting, the owners of startups generally perform the accounting functions on their own. Updating the books on a daily basis is an option which can be used for saving time. Suppose if you update the account books after a month’s gap, then you will have to go through a lot of previous information like previous bills or invoices. Locating the previous bills and then updating them could prove to be a time-consuming process. Mistakes could also be committed in this process whereas maintaining regular records will eliminate mistakes and will also help in the taxation process.
  2. Utilize the latest software for invoicing – By using the latest accounting software like QuickBooks, a proper record of the invoices can be easily maintained. This software automatically produces invoices which can be printed or emailed. Accounting reports can be easily created using this software and data entry functions are eliminated. This app also offers the unique function of sending reminders for unpaid invoices etc. So invoices can be managed in a prompt and effective manner by using QuickBooks.
  3. Make the reporting of expenses automatic – Performing the data entry of expenses can also prove to be a time-consuming process. It could take 30-40 hours per year to complete this process. By using QuickBooks Online, these tasks can be completed easily. Various options for tracking down reports, coding receipts, writing checks, snapping pictures of receipts are offered by this advanced accounting software.
  4. Prompt entry of transaction data – QuickBooks online offers the option of Square merchant services device for connecting transaction data into accounts on a daily basis automatically. There is no need to spend hours working on the keyboard. This feature can help in saving a lot of time.
  5. Revisit your credit policy – Maintaining information related to credits and due invoices can prove to be a difficult process. New credit policy can be formulated by taking the advice of bookkeepers and accountants. You can utilize the services of credit collection agencies for dealing with offenders.

Over the last six years, Cogneesol has created a niche for itself as far as offering accounting back-office services to international and domestic clients is concerned. They specialize in offering accounting services for small businesses. For more information, please contact info@cogneesol.com.



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