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Operating a Profitable Restaurant by Outsourcing Accounting

The very concept of operating restaurants has undergone a sea change over the last decade or so. No more do eating places wait for clients to come to them, they go right to the living room of clients and help them book tables, choose from the menu and pre-order to save time waiting for food when physically present at the restaurant. This is the advantage of the Internet and the exponential boom in smartphones usage. However, ordering on the go may be great but it puts a lot of pressure on each restaurant to perform optimally to keep up with the competition. This is why restaurants owners are focusing increasingly on core competencies while outsourcing operational aspects that really do not require a high level of managerial decision making.

One such area is accounting functions. Restaurant accounting services today are playing a great part in increasing the profitability of restaurants while ensuring that quality services are offered at affordable rates. As a restaurant owner then, what would your reasons be for availing of these services? And if you do ultimately decide to do so what would be the extent of outsourcing accounting functions to make your business truly profitable?

Restaurant Accounting Process - Cogneesol

  • Outsource Accounting for Restaurants Comprehensively –To be truly profitable, you should comprehensively outsource your accounting process. Many owners tend to spin off only vendor payments and accounts payable and receivable which in almost all cases form the bulk of transactions. But by keeping control over such heads as inventory management, they defeat the very purpose of outsourcing that is, to focus on more productive areas of running the business. Further, processing a part of the accounts in-house and part externally gives rise to complications in the consolidation of accounts and compilation of balance sheet. Outsource the full process to optimize running of your restaurant.
  • Save Time and Money to be Profitable – Profits are directly dependant on the expansion of business and reducing expenses. Outsourcing of accounting work will help you achieve exactly that. For accurate processing of accounts in-house, you’ll need to install cutting-edge hardware and software and hire experts to run the systems. This requires huge investments in infrastructure development and other recurring expenses. But once you outsource this activity, the savings can be fruitfully channelized into areas that have a direct impact on enriching client experience – ambiance, a wider choice of menus and more online options. This is what will rake in real profits. The time you save by not having to micromanage daily routine activities can now be spent on devising effective business plans and implementing them.
  • Get Guidance from the Experts – When external restaurant accounting services compile your accounts and balance sheet, they have a direct overview of your business from every angle. They will thus know the state of your financials very well and will be able to advise you on what will maximize your operating efficiency leading to higher profitability. Take the case of inventory levels which is fundamental to generating profits. Outsourced agencies will analyze your monthly inventory levels taking into account seasonal fluctuations and can advise you on the quantum to be maintained at all times. You will also be given updated reports on the financial position which will enable you to devise suitable strategies to optimize your business.
  • Real-time Financial Reports for Quick Decision Making – Agencies offering to account for restaurants have state of the art systems that process any incremental data quickly and generate reports on a real-time basis. Thus if you want to know if your business is on the right track and is being profitable, you can ask for reports with fields of your choice. Consequently, you can give required direction to your business and make course corrections to further increase or modify business plans. All this would not have been possible if you had stuck to traditional accounts processing in-house where reports are generated at quarterly, half yearly and annual periodicity.

While it has been seen how operating a profitable restaurant largely rests on outsourcing accounting work fully, a lot rides on the agency selected by you. Any run of the mill outsourcing company will offer you generalized accounts processing but you should keep in mind that restaurant accounting is a very specialized field and cannot be compared with other industries. Select an agency after due diligence, focusing largely on their professional expertise and ability to face the unique challenges of the hospitality sector. Go through their list of clients before awarding a contract and make sure that they cater to clients of a scale comparable to your business at least.

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By following these points it can only be a win-win situation for you so far as profitability is concerned.

If you need top of the line services of accounting for restaurants, get in touch with Cogneesol. We have many years of experience in this field and can boast of some of the leading restaurants in the world as our clients. For more information write to us at or call +1 646-688-2821 (USA).     


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