How Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services can prove to be beneficial for your business?

In the present business scenario, the commercial organizations are facing intense competition and are looking for new ways to save time and costs. There are very few business organizations who can claim to be in complete control of their business.

In a business which is expanding and growing, the accounting and bookkeeping functions need to be made stronger. But these functions are obviously not the core activities of the organization. Most of the companies hire in-house staff but outsourced bookkeeping services can be used as an option.

Outsourcing bookkeeping services based in offshore nations like India, China etc., have become very popular for business organizations based in developed nations like US, UK, Canada etc.  The main reason behind this phenomenon is the overloaded work schedule which hardly offers the in-house staff, the opportunity to concentrate on back-office tasks like accounting. Gaining access to the latest technology and experienced staff without having to incur infrastructural costs is also an encouraging motive.

Below mentioned are some points which will offer a genuine insight regarding the significance of outsourced bookkeeping services for business owners:

Simplifies the Business Processes, Reduces costs and Optimises Revenue- Using in-house staff for functions like bookkeeping; can only enhance the burden on the in-house staff and increase the overhead costs. You can very well understand the hassles involved with using in-house staff in terms of hiring, training and overhead expenses.

Outsourcing makes the business processes simpler. It offers the opportunity to pay higher priority to the core functions of the organization and maximize the revenue earning potential.  Moreover, there is an old saying in the business world that every penny saved is a penny earned. Outsourcing can certainly help in saving a lot of overhead costs. It eliminates the need to spend on offering infrastructure, payroll expenditure etc.

Helpful in Future Business Planning– An outsourced bookkeeping team cannot only make the bookkeeping tasks simpler but also offer the much-needed advice related to financial matters to the higher management. The owner or the higher management can take advice on important issues like taxation, future financial planning etc. without having to pay anything extra. In this manner, outsourcing can add value to your business operations by offering you guidelines when you require them the most.

Access to High-Quality Staff and Technology– Companies offering outsourcing services have access to high-quality staff and the latest technology for performing the bookkeeping operations. They offer services of the highest quality as it is their bread and butter. So outsourcing enables a business organization to have access to quality staff without actually hiring them.

Useful in Cases of Urgent Requirement– Suppose your business requires urgent bookkeeping services, then in such a scenario outsourcing services can be of great help. A business firm based in nations like the US, Canada etc. can assign bookkeeping tasks to a third-party outsourcing firm based in India and get the task done by the beginning of next day’s working hours. This is possible due to the 10-12 hour difference between the time zones of the nations.

All these points can encourage a business organization to consider outsourced bookkeeping services.

Cogneesol is among the leading business process companies offering outsourced finance and accounting services to business firms all over the world over the past eight years. These services are meant for enabling the business organizations to concentrate on their core activities or the activities in which staff is good at, reduce costs and maximize profits. Cogneesol possesses expert staff and latest technology required for performing the tasks as per customer satisfaction. By offering prompt and quality results, they have earned the goodwill of their clients.

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Importance of Data Mining Outsourcing

Meaning and Importance of Data Mining Outsourcing to a Business?

Data mining is a vital function in almost every commercial venture. This concept was derived from computer science. It involves finding new data from existing business data by conducting research and analysis. Different methods like pattern recognition, Bayesian network, neutral network, classification tree are used for this purpose. This process is essential for the planning and formulation of right business strategies for the future growth of the commercial venture.


But there is a tendency in commercial organizations to offer a complete focus on core activities. So the secondary functions like data mining services are paid lesser attention. Data mining outsourcing is an option which can be utilized by business organizations who want to employ their staff on the main functions.  The various benefits of hiring the services of third-party data mining companies are:

  • Access to a Variety of Services – By using the outsourcing option, you can have access to a variety of services like web data mining, social media data mining, e-commerce data mining, SQL database mining, image data mining, excel data mining, financial data mining, healthcare data mining, e-book data mining, data mining for fraud detection, multimedia or text data mining, stock market data mining, data mining for customer segmentation, competitor growth analysis and tracking, data extraction services, meta-data extraction from websites, news stories extraction, market trend monitoring, brand feedback search etc., at affordable costs.
  • Enjoy the Services of Skilled Staff – By hiring data mining outsourcing; you will be assured of high-quality services. The information retrieved can help in formulating strong strategies and help in gaining an edge over competitors.
  • Access to Modern Data Mining Software – A business firm might be reluctant to invest in data mining software but for an outsourcing firm, it is their bread and butter. Outsourcing offers access to latest technology without actually purchasing it.
  • Quick Turnaround Time – In case a business firm requires urgent results, then the outsourcing data mining services can prove to be extremely useful. The 10-12 hour difference in the time zones of US and India can ensure that the tasks assigned in the evening by a US firm can be completed by the Indian firm before the commencement of next business hours in the US.
  • Finance Friendly – Hiring outsourcing services, eliminates the need for offering infrastructure and payroll for data mining staff. Moreover, it also offers the opportunity to business enterprises to concentrate completely on core activities and maximize their revenue.

Going through the above-mentioned information can help a business enterprise in understanding the importance of outsourcing companies and considering hiring them.

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How can data mining services transform your business?

Cogneesol has emerged as a leading provider of data mining services to business organizations from all over the world. By hiring outsourced data mining services of Cogneesol, the companies can be assured of premium services. Moreover, it offers them the opportunity to concentrate on the primary functions associated with profit generation. For more information contact us at or call us at +16466882821.