How Beneficial is it to hire an eCommerce Data Entry Company?

It really is apparent that nowadays the majority of businesses are transitioning towards e-commerce setups; this is not just on account of modern market development but additionally easy-to-manage functions offered by various ecommerce platforms. Our industry practical experience has shown us that setting up an ecommerce shop and populating it with couple of products is pretty straightforward in comparison with managing a store consistently with up-to-date data.  In order to keep your ecommerce shop updated to comply with your precious customers, employing an ecommerce data entry service provider is a lucrative choice. A skilled e-commerce data entry company can assist you to update and maintain your product particulars systematically on a consistent basis at economical costs.

Listed below are a few compelling reasons why you should think about using the services of ecommerce product data entry company for your online shop:


Generally product data entry companies have sufficient expertise in handling various storefronts. The substantial experience enables them to maintain product catalog with superior pictures and persuasive product descriptions in a swift manner. With quick e-commerce product data entry turnaround, it is possible to triumph over your competition without problems.

Up-to-date e-Commerce Strategies

To always keep your ecommerce shop content fresh as well as increase your conversion rate , catalog data entry service providers make use of most up-to-date strategies in product page optimization, photo optimization, catalog conversion as well as indexing . Furthermore, these types of ecommerce product entry strategies help them to accomplish task with ZERO error-rate.

Smooth Procedures

A skilled ecommerce product data entry company ensures that your products are classified into the appropriate category with all of additional required data like high resolution photos, pricing information, delivery details, additional items, and so on. Likewise, e-commerce product data Entry Company deals with relevant items, testimonials, rating, etc., to assist customers to make purchasing decision rapidly.

24/7 Upkeep and Support

To manage your ecommerce business 24/7 properly, you can receive full-time support from any kind of e-commerce data Entry Company as just about all outsourcing companies manage their business around-the-clock. 24/7 support signifies fast data upload or perhaps update and swift customer service for your valuable customers.


Having in-house e-commerce data entry staff is definitely advantageous however it costs too much in comparison with offshore team. Whenever you outsource e-commerce product data entry to a skilled company or employ dedicated support, it will save you a lot more than 75% of operational expense. You can use saved money to publicize your business and increase your sales.

What an eCommerce product data entry company can manage for you?

They can take care of everything right from product data entry, bulk uploading, catalog setting up, indexing, catalog conversion, product data mining, graphic support, order processing to live chat handling. Outsourcing e-commerce data entry as well as catalog processing services helps to make your business procedures flawless, provide efficient support to your in-house staff and assist you to extend your business quickly.  For all those looking for a reliable catalog product entry service provider, get in touch with us at Cogneesol today. Our contact number is +1 646-688-2821 and the email ID is

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How To Choose The Right Outsourcing Data Entry Company in 2017?

In the present business scenario, outsourcing has become an important phenomenon. Benefits, like time-saving and cost-effectiveness, are the major reasons behind the phenomenal growth of offshore data entry services. Outsourcing helps in focusing on the core activities of the organization and reducing the operational costs. They also offer the unique advantage of fast turnaround time, access to latest technology and experienced personnel.

Data entry services are among the most sought-after outsourcing services. These services are essential for business organizations for maintaining their information in a proper manner. But finding the right data entry services is not such a simple task. In order to find the right third party data entry solutions, the following points should be kept in mind:

Assess whether the outsourcing firm has the potential to meet the requirements- Most of the outsourcing firms have a statement of work in which they describe what kind of services do they offer. So before hiring a data entry outsourcing company, you must make sure that the statement of work is checked properly. While providing online data entry services, there are always chances of the third party facing problems. You have to enquire from the outsourcing firm, whether they can handle those situations and what strategies will they use during those situations.

Technological Expertise- For outsourcing firms offering services like outsourcing data entry is bread and butter. So in order to fully satisfy the customer requirements, they should possess the right technological expertise and proficient personnel. The business organizations must ensure that the outsourcing firms possess the right manpower and technological know-how by carefully interviewing them. The outsourcing firms must have access to the latest data entry software and their staff should be capable of using them.

Ensure data security- The outsourcing data entry firms must follow the right confidentiality measures for ensuring the safety of their data. Before entering into a work agreement, the outsourcing firm’s capacity to ensure the privacy of data must be checked during the interview process.

Prefer firms which can offer quick turnaround time- If you are a business owner based in the US, then hiring an outsourcing firm based in India would be a better option than hiring outsourcing services based in Argentina due to the difference in the time zones. A data entry firm based in India can complete the tasks assigned in the evening before the commencement of next day’s working hours.

Flexible options like a free trial- The outsourcing firms which offer flexible options are more useful for outsourcing firms. For instance, the free trial option can be availed for judging the capabilities of a data entry outsourcing firm. The outsourcing firms which offer this option must be considered over outsourcing firms which have stringent contractual obligations.

Cogneesol is a well-established provider of outsourced data entry services to business firms all over the globe. For commercial ventures looking for cost-cutting and revenue optimization solutions, their services are an ideal option. Over the last 8 years, they have earned the goodwill of their clients by adhering to deadlines and maintaining desired quality standards. To get more information, contact us at or call us at +16466882821

Data Entry Tasks That Can Outsource

4 Back-Office Data Entry Tasks That You Can Outsource Right Away

When you have a considerable amount of data to manage, data entry and processing is necessary. There may be the large volume of data to be handled. The following is the list of the most typical back-office data entry tasks that could be outsourced.

Product Data Entry

The e-commerce businesses are flourishing and a lot of new ones are popping up on a daily basis. There are certain components of this business that must be looked after so as to obtain an edge over the competitors. It is necessary for the e-commerce company to concentrate on their primary job, that is sales and profits, and stay away from any kind of diversions. The jobs associated with product data entry appear easy however normally takes away the concentration of the business. That is exactly why; product data entry services must be outsourced. The outsourcing companies are capable of doing lots of things for the e-commerce business relevant to product data entry such as, although not confined to:

  • Product features
  • Product detailed description
  • Category classification
  • Product categorization
  • Price tagging
  • Catalog catalog data entry
  • Purchase Order as well as Sales Invoice Data Entry

These kinds of tasks call for plenty of attention and a significant setup of infrastructure and labor. However, the burden can be taken away the shoulder by outsourcing these kinds of tasks to the professionals. Data entry tasks related to purchasing orders, CMS updating, invoices, memos for debit and credit, as well as document management can be outsourced to take the stress off your company.

Image Data Entry

There are numerous businesses that have to perform widely on the images on a consistent basis. The quantity of image processing and image data entry could possibly be quite mind-boggling sometimes. For this reason, it seems sensible to outsource the services to the appropriate company. Image conversion, image editing, image data entry, and image indexing are a number of the tasks that can be outsourced conveniently.

Manual Data Entry

We are now inhabiting the world wherein the majority of the data is digital. Nevertheless, there is even now a wide range of data that is in the non-digital form. There is generally a necessity to convert that data into the digital form. There are numerous business concerns that have the handwritten or perhaps printed docs. This kind of data is generally unstructured. For this reason, manual data entry is undoubtedly a critical thing. There are numerous software applications for manual entry. Nevertheless, the task could possibly be fairly laborious and time intensive. Accordingly, it is advisable to outsource to the service provider with the needed know-how in the manual data entry area.

Document Formatting

Usually, it is the publishing businesses that require the document formatting services. Nevertheless, there still exist a number of other businesses that need to manage bulk documentation and thus they might need the document formatting regularly. For example, you will find a few companies that have to deliver the manuals, instructions or perhaps reports to their staff, customers, or clients. These kinds of tasks call for a sound understanding of word processing. Even so, if there is an excessive amount of document formatting, the company will find it hard to handle all on its own. This is the moment they can take the assistance of the outsourcing data entry services.

We at Cogneesol can help you carry out all the data entry tasks efficiently. Call us at +1 646-688-2821 or email at to know more about our back-office outsourcing services.

Importance of Data Mining Outsourcing

Meaning and Importance of Data Mining Outsourcing to a Business?

Data mining is a vital function in almost every commercial venture. This concept was derived from computer science. It involves finding new data from existing business data by conducting research and analysis. Different methods like pattern recognition, Bayesian network, neutral network, classification tree are used for this purpose. This process is essential for the planning and formulation of right business strategies for the future growth of the commercial venture.


But there is a tendency in commercial organizations to offer a complete focus on core activities. So the secondary functions like data mining services are paid lesser attention. Data mining outsourcing is an option which can be utilized by business organizations who want to employ their staff on the main functions.  The various benefits of hiring the services of third-party data mining companies are:

  • Access to a Variety of Services – By using the outsourcing option, you can have access to a variety of services like web data mining, social media data mining, e-commerce data mining, SQL database mining, image data mining, excel data mining, financial data mining, healthcare data mining, e-book data mining, data mining for fraud detection, multimedia or text data mining, stock market data mining, data mining for customer segmentation, competitor growth analysis and tracking, data extraction services, meta-data extraction from websites, news stories extraction, market trend monitoring, brand feedback search etc., at affordable costs.
  • Enjoy the Services of Skilled Staff – By hiring data mining outsourcing; you will be assured of high-quality services. The information retrieved can help in formulating strong strategies and help in gaining an edge over competitors.
  • Access to Modern Data Mining Software – A business firm might be reluctant to invest in data mining software but for an outsourcing firm, it is their bread and butter. Outsourcing offers access to latest technology without actually purchasing it.
  • Quick Turnaround Time – In case a business firm requires urgent results, then the outsourcing data mining services can prove to be extremely useful. The 10-12 hour difference in the time zones of US and India can ensure that the tasks assigned in the evening by a US firm can be completed by the Indian firm before the commencement of next business hours in the US.
  • Finance Friendly – Hiring outsourcing services, eliminates the need for offering infrastructure and payroll for data mining staff. Moreover, it also offers the opportunity to business enterprises to concentrate completely on core activities and maximize their revenue.

Going through the above-mentioned information can help a business enterprise in understanding the importance of outsourcing companies and considering hiring them.

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How can data mining services transform your business?

Cogneesol has emerged as a leading provider of data mining services to business organizations from all over the world. By hiring outsourced data mining services of Cogneesol, the companies can be assured of premium services. Moreover, it offers them the opportunity to concentrate on the primary functions associated with profit generation. For more information contact us at or call us at +16466882821.

How to Manage and Organize Your Real Estate Business?

Real estate business can prove to be extremely lucrative if administered in a proper manner. In today’s ever-changing business environment, many real estate companies facing constant pressure to improve performance, reduce risks, and grow their businesses. By carefully organizing the systems, files and time real estate owners can achieve success.


The following steps can help in  managing real estate business :

Properly managing the paperwork – There is a lot of paperwork involved in real estate business. It is essential to get it right to streamline the business processes. First of all the personal and business files need to be kept separate. Nowadays, the data is generally stored on computers. It should be structured properly. You can create different folders like admin, buyers, sellers, clients, marketing etc. Inside the admin folders, further sub-folders can be created like business, hours, employees, passwords, policies etc. Inside the buyer’s folder, further folders like closed, in a process, offers, pending etc. can be made for properly managing the information. Inside the seller’s folder, you can create sub-folders like active, closed, not yet listed, pending and withdrawn. Inside the client folder, further folders like a database can be created. Underneath the marketing folder, more folders like advertising, blog, testimonials, vendors etc., can be created. All this will help in proper management of information.

Hire outsourcing services for non-core activities – In a real estate business, the core activities are the construction of property and finding customers who are interested in purchasing it. But there are others functions which are not directly related to the revenue earning process like accounting, data entry etc., but hold importance for the organization. These functions can be outsourced by using real estate accounting services, real estate data entry services etc. This will allow you the opportunity to concentrate on more productive activities and optimize the sales potential.

Use innovative marketing plans- The real estate owners generally rely on standard marketing strategies like using newspapers, radio and local television channels. Everyone tries these methods. In order to gain an edge over the competitors and market your products in a better way, new marketing channels like email marketing and social media can be used. Reliable business studies have concluded that a direct mail sent to a prospective client has greater chances of generating sales.

Cogneesol is well known for offering commercial real estate accounting services to clients to grow their businesses at affordable costs. These services are aimed at enhancing the profitability of the organizations by reducing their operational costs. To learn more about real estate industry services, contact us at or call us at +16466882821.

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7 Reasons Why Hiring Data Entry Back Office Services is Good for your Business

The modern business environment is all about optimizing business efficiencies that follow specific methods to increase productivity levels. Getting bogged down by focusing on tasks that really do not contribute directly to enhancing profitability and turnover and staying competitive in the market can act as a drag on achieving set goals and objectives. One of the primary ways to circumvent these impediments is to outsource specific tasks to data entry services. This action more often than not results in giving a big boost to operational efficiency.

Back office data entry services have highly qualified and trained staff and the most technologically advanced hardware and software to efficiently carry out data entry and other back-office functions. Because of a large number of clients in their portfolio, they are able to maximize operations to scale and can offer services at highly affordable rates without compromising on the level of output.

Data Entry Back Office Services

What then are the reasons for hiring proficient back office service providers –

  • Able to focus on core competencies – By having to monitor and track back-office functions that do not add to increase business efficiency, your focus is diverted from core competencies. Micromanagement of daily operations will tie you down, thereby curtailing the ability to make quick business decisions when needed. Back office services will take the load off your shoulders while assuring you top class output.
  • Savings in costs – There are specific back-office tasks that can be beyond the capability of your existing staff. To complete the work, you might have to recruit highly paid specialized manpower which in turn can dent your profitability. Outsource these tasks at vastly reduced expenses and be sure that the output will exactly match your requirements.
  • Reducing investments in infrastructure – Back office functions like data entry and bookkeeping requires setting up of cutting-edge hardware and software and recruiting experts to run them. Thus heavy investments have to be made in infrastructure development. But by simply outsourcing these functions, this is not required and this capital can be better utilized for growth through new product launches and creating brand awareness.
  • Maximizing operational efficiency – Some back-office functions require a greater degree of skill and expertise to execute than others. Some data entry areas may need higher degrees of safety and security layers. Hence you cannot have standardized solutions that match different back office needs. By outsourcing to back-office data entry services, you need not worry about this factor as any type of work will be proficiently executed and you will be able to manage your company more efficiently.
  • Optimizing staffing patterns – It is certainly not possible for you to hire and fire staff in tune with seasonal demands. At peak business times if you hire people, you will be saddled with them during days when business is low. This will eat into your profitability. Outsourcing data entry will take care of the highs and the lows simultaneously while you maintain stable staffing patterns around the year.
  • No effect due to employee turnover – The technical departments of back-office functions generally have high employee turnover rates in comparison to say, marketing and sales. When a well-trained employee leaves your organization, the vacancy can be hard to fill with one having matching skills. Your work will get disrupted and might delay vital projects on hand. Outsource back office services and you will have a steady input of reports and processed data at all times.
  • Availing professional expertise – It is always a possibility that you might clinch a large and complex project that requires the skill of highly trained professionals to execute. Data entry in these cases might be a complicated process, well beyond the capability of the infrastructure you already have in place. But data entry services have the best available talent on their rolls and you can safely outsource such tasks to them regardless of their degree of complexity.

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Given these 7 benefits of outsourcing back-office functions, you’ll surely gain by doing so in terms of highly optimized business operations.  For further queries, Email us at

What Type of Data Entry Services Can You Outsource?

Any business generates huge volumes of data, and since time immemorial it has been processed to the full satisfaction of the owners. But there is a subtle shift in this scenario today. In the past, data entry and processing had always been a manual function that necessitated hours upon hours of intense calculations involving a lot of man-hours. Now, it is a matter of how quickly and accurately you can enter data into a system and generate reports speedily using the latest state of the art software and hardware.

Data Entry Services

But do you really need to go through this process in-house? From a broad perspective, the answer will be an emphatic NO. If data entry is not your primary line of activity, you are actually wasting precious resources. You can avoid huge investments to set up necessary technologically advanced systems that are required for data processing. This savings in costs can be channelized to offer your clients better products at competitive prices as well as invest in new product launches that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Further, you can better utilize qualified personnel to carry out core activities that have a direct effect on business growth and development, sales and profitability. For this to happen, you should opt to outsource data entry services.

But before looking around for a reputed data entry outsourcing company that matches your business goals and objectives, you should have a clear conception of the types of services you’d want to outsource. This varies between industries. An example will clarify this point. For the insurance sector, apart from a few core activities, the bulk of back-office functions are outsourced. For the health industry, the emphasis will be on bills and invoice processing as well as insurance claims of patients. The degree of accuracy required also varies and the extent desired should form the basis of any contract. Hence, decide on the services and take it forward from there.

Here are a few types of data entry services that you can generally outsource. The list is merely indicative and by no means exhaustive in nature .

  • Bills and Invoice processing – This is good for all businesses. But you will do well to supplement this with ancillary accounting functions. Link Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to bills and invoice processing and you’ll have a ready information package to ensure smooth flow of working capital.
  • Bulk data entry – This will include both printed and handwritten data and will be put into formats that will facilitate easy report generation. Most outsourcing companies especially if they are offshore will enter incremental data uploaded by you at the end of the day and have the reports ready in the morning of the next day, taking advantage of the time differentials.
  • Credit card processing – Almost all outsourced agencies have fail-safe security and encryption systems in place for data safety. You can, therefore, entrust credit card processing to data management services and be sure that your clients’ confidential information will be well protected.
  • Database creation – At the root of smooth functioning of your business is a well-structured database from which you can repeatedly draw data and reports to take crucial business decisions. Outsourced agencies will take all your raw data, enter it in a systematic form, maintain updates and present it to you in whatever form you require.
  • Data cleansing – This is also called data scrubbing and is one function that you should definitely outsource. It involves modifying and removing from your database all incorrect wrongly entered data and those that have been duplicated. These might have crept in at some point of time but once the outsourced company has cleansed your database, you can depend on them to maintain it accurately.

There are limitless types of data that you can outsource. These companies have achieved a high degree of sophistication and credibility and have optimized their operations by adopting the latest technological innovations in their systems. Further, they use Virtual Private Network (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for file exchange and this is a guarantee of data security for you. Spin off your data entry functions and focus on what you are best at – devising strategies for business growth and development.

An Insight to Data Entry Outsourcing Requirements of Different Industries

Past couple of years were patchy for data entry firms when data entry outsourcing to freelancers had increased significantly. However, when the efficiency reduced, cost to company inflated (in proofreading as well as revising again) and quality of services lowered, the requirement of specialist data entry outsourcing companies rose with a reassurance to resolve the low output problems of businesses, which will continue to increase in the forthcoming years.

Data Entry Outsourcing

Furthermore, the transition in the direction of more specialists, focused requirement of online and offline data entry services had compelled the businesses modify their infrastructure, enhance competencies of data entry staff by means of consistent training and exposure to professional data entry requirements, append value-added benefits to clients, and taking the responsibility of data or perhaps information protection and privacy at its maximum level.

Until not too long ago, data entry was regarded as straightforward keying in of accessible data from a single source to an electronic format. However, with the introduction of a large number of new businesses, development of modern technology and diverse data entry demands has to lead to an increased requirement for extensive and advanced data entry services.

How data entry services has transformed over the years in comparison to conventional data entry opportunities?

Data Entry for Healthcare & Medical Sector:

  • Patient data
  • Medical records
  • Health insurance billing forms entry
  • Claims data entry, medical reports entry and so on

For this kind of data entry, professional expertise in the healthcare field, with 11,000 kph and fantastic accuracy is required.

Data Entry for Accounts, Tax & Financial Sector:

  • Accounts data entry
  • Payroll data entry
  • Finance records entry
  • Bills data entry
  • Account payable and receivable data entry

This kind of activity requires significant control over alphanumeric data entry in addition to the maximum degree of precision on 10 key data entry.

Academic Sector Data Entry :

  • Data entry of textbooks
  • Research documents data entry
  • Entering of recorded digital lectures
  • Lectures data entry
  • Data entry of scanned docs
  • University question & answer sheets entering

These are huge and voluminous demands wherein the maximum amount of persistence, quite organized data entry centers to fulfill immediate workload of data entry projects and less turnaround time is mandatory.

Data entry services is an extensive niche wherein legal, advertising, journalism, print, and publications, retailers, and eCommerce are the forthcoming sectors in search of the competing teams of specialists and businesses that are in a position to assist in their requirement of superior output by rendering quick, precise and economical data entry services.

Cogneesol, a world-class outsourcing company offers all kinds of data entry services to the clients across the globe. We have worked with multiple industries at quite economical costs. We also offer a free trial to everyone interested in our services, with no obligations. Contact Cogneesol today +1 646-688-2821.