How Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services can prove to be beneficial for your business?

In the present business scenario, the commercial organizations are facing intense competition and are looking for new ways to save time and costs. There are very few business organizations who can claim to be in complete control of their business.

In a business which is expanding and growing, the accounting and bookkeeping functions need to be made stronger. But these functions are obviously not the core activities of the organization. Most of the companies hire in-house staff but outsourced bookkeeping services can be used as an option.

Outsourcing bookkeeping services based in off shore nations like India, China etc., have become very popular for business organizations based in developed nations like US, UK, Canada etc.  The main reason behind this phenomenon is the overloaded work schedule which hardly offers the in-house staff, the opportunity to concentrate on back office tasks like accounting. Gaining access to the latest technology and experienced staff without having to incur infrastructural costs is also an encouraging motive.

Below mentioned are some points which will offer a genuine insight regarding the significance of outsourced bookkeeping services for business owners:

Simplifies the Business Processes, Reduces costs and Optimises Revenue- Using in-house staff for functions like bookkeeping; can only enhance the burden on the in-house staff and increase the overhead costs. You can very well understand the hassles involved with using in-house staff in terms of hiring, training and overhead expenses.

Outsourcing makes the business processes simpler. It offers the opportunity to pay higher priority to the core functions of the organization and maximize the revenue earning potential.  More over there is an old saying in the business world that every penny saved is a penny earned. Outsourcing can certainly help in saving a lot of overhead costs. It eliminates the need to spend on offering infrastructure, pay roll expenditure etc.

Helpful in Future Business Planning– An outsourced bookkeeping team cannot only make the bookkeeping tasks simpler but also offer the much-needed advice related to financial matters to the higher management. The owner or the higher management can take advice on important issues like taxation, future financial planning etc. without having to pay anything extra. In this manner, outsourcing can add value to your business operations by offering you guidelines when you require them the most.

Access to High-Quality Staff and Technology– Companies offering outsourcing services have access to high-quality staff and the latest technology for performing the bookkeeping operations. They offer services of the highest quality as it is their bread and butter. So outsourcing enables a business organization to have access to quality staff without actually hiring them.

Useful in Cases of Urgent Requirement– Suppose your business requires urgent bookkeeping services, then in such a scenario outsourcing services can be of great help. A business firm based in nations like the US, Canada etc. can assign bookkeeping tasks to a third-party outsourcing firm based in India and get the task done by the beginning of next day’s working hours. This is possible due to the 10-12 hour difference between the time zones of the nations.

All these points can encourage a business organization to consider outsourced bookkeeping services.

Cogneesol is among the leading outsourcing companies offering various financial services to business firms all over the world over the past eight years. These services are meant for enabling the business organizations to concentrate on their core activities or the activities in which staff is good at, reduce costs and maximize profits. Cogneesol possesses expert staff and latest technology required for performing the tasks as per customer satisfaction. By offering prompt and quality results, they have earned the goodwill of their clients.

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Why You Need to Outsource Accounting Services of Your Small Business?

Small businesses have distinct characteristics far removed from the world of large corporate trade and commerce and hence their needs too are specific and exclusive. This sector is not standardized, in fact the parameters that define small businesses differ between countries. However, they revolve around a number of factors – quantum of investment in plant and machinery, number of workers employed and the level of sales and turnover. Given these restrictions, it is imperative that small businesses follow set patterns to optimize their operational efficiencies.

An analysis of these factors throws up one important point. If, as a small business owner, you want to go to the next level, it is necessary that you take the help of external agencies to do so. You’ll not have the means, both in terms of man power and financial strength to keep every minute part of functioning fully in- house.

Simply setting up sophisticated systems and the costs involved in it can leave you bankrupt with little margin to maneuver for business growth and development. Hence, all aspects that do not directly require decision making on your part or in-depth monitoring from you can be outsourced at much cheaper options while being assured of a very high benchmark of excellence in output.

One of the crucial sides of business that you can definitely spin off is your bookkeeping tasks to top of the line accounting services for small business. Not only will you bring in a great deal of professional expertise in your organization, you’ll also get this at affordable rates that will not lead to a crunch in working capital requirements or require you to divert funds from more pressing needs.

What then are the benefits that you will get by outsourcing small business accounting functions to specialized agencies –

  • Time to Focus on Business on Hand – One of the perennial problems of small business owners is a shortage of time. This is because they have to oversee various dimensions of business due to lack of qualified and trained personnel which they can ill afford to hire. But once accounting functions are outsourced, a large chunk of your workload is reduced enabling you to focus on core competencies and business growth and development. You can take business decisions based on financial reports prepared by them that you know are not only precise and accurate but have been compiled by the best in this field. On top of everything, you do not have to monitor daily and routine accounting jobs.
  • Increasing Operational Efficiencies – Setting up a fully functional accounts department with state of the art hardware and advanced accounting software is not easy. Substantial investments are required that have to be diverted from more remunerative functions. It is necessary that small businesses maintain minimum infrastructure only that are paying in the long run. When you take the help of accounting services for small business, such outlay will not be required and you can channelize it for new product launches, competitive pricing and creating brand awareness. All these directly impact operational efficiencies by increasing sales and turnover, profitability and ROI.
  • Getting Dedicated And Qualified Accounting Services – Not all business owners are experts in accounting methodology and have to depend on highly paid professionals in-house to brief them on the state of the financials. But when you outsource bookkeeping functions you are getting the services of equally efficient accounting personnel. All outsourcing agencies have on their rolls, bookkeeping experts who can handle any task to your complete satisfaction. Your accounts will be processed on the most advanced software that will blend seamlessly with your existing systems. You will be kept informed round the clock through updated reports whenever required and dashboards that can be accessed anywhere on Internet enabled devices such as tablets, smart phones and laptop. Crucially, the processing will be precise and accurate and reports customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Preventing Fraudulent Transactions – Even large corporations are often laid low by fraudulent transactions, not to speak of the effects it can have on small businesses. When you outsource your accounting functions, all heads of accounts are regularly balanced so that any error is instantly noticed and brought to your notice for rectification. This is especially true for bank and credit card reconciliation that is compulsorily balanced every month. Reconciling between external accounts – bank statement – and your internal records – cash book – is a sure way to eliminate any error or sham entries. For small businesses, this is a big takeaway of outsourcing bookkeeping to agencies with the necessary expertise.

Given the positive impact that accounting services for small business will have on your company, it is essential that you carry out an-depth due diligence process before deciding on the agency. Put a lot of emphasis on those that have a high level of data security measures incorporated in their systems.

If you need top of the line accounting services for small business, opt for Cogneesol. Our trained and qualified accountants can deliver consistent and assured results and will customize reports to your specific needs. Your accounts will be processed on advance hardware and software to ensure accuracy. For more information, contact us at